Manage Clearance for All Mode of Shipment.

Integrated to Custom Clarence Portals.

Shows Profit Sheet.

Vendor and Customer Billing.

Create and Manage Clearance Work Flow.

Quick and Easy Document Generation.

Integrated to Warehouse Module.

Manage Pool of Stages for Shipments Clearance.

Integrated to Forwarding Shipment.

Document Archiving.

Integrated to Customs Clearance Module.

Zybo Clearance at a glance

Border customs in every part of the world have their own rules and regulations for different transport modes. Whether it’s an Air shipment, Sea or Land shipment; preparing shipment clearance documents; keeping one eye on a country’s clearance regulations where you are sending the shipment can cause a chaos.

ZCS provides solution integrated with world’s leading neutral electronic transaction platforms which gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on your business growth and not on pilling workload.