Gathering order information from the customer is easy but answering the customer whether you can carry out the task based on resource, equipment, time-slot availability, which needs pains-taking time and efforts to do the homework, is not so easy. With Zybo TMS’s advance schedule planner and resource optimiser; you can say yes in no time.

Zybo TMS also brings you order consolidation to use resource and equipment to their full capacity.

  • Highly Interactive Order Initialisation Interface.
  • Single, Multi, Empty-Return, Single-to-Single, Single-to-Multi, Multi-to-Single, Multi-to-Multi Delivery Point Order Execution Types.
  • Route Address Validation.
  • Item and Commodities.
  • Cost Estimation Included.
  • Document Filing.
  • Checklist Notifier.
  • Order Template to Use for Repeated Customer Order.
  • Pallet Management.

Validating pickup and delivery location are very crucial for any transportation business. Wrongly provided addresses may cause company huge running costs. Zybo TMS is integrated with external Telematics service provider where system verifies street, address, city, country, zip code for pin-point accuracy.

System optimisation engine helps in selection of best-suited resources for a new trip generation or suggest a best existing trip to be allocated to an order depending upon different factors as few of them stated below.

  • Resource Availability.
  • Nearness to Pick-up Point.
  • Less Driving Time Required to Pick-up Point.
  • Hazardous Material Check.
  • Less Empty Run (available within 30 KM radius).
  • No Servicing is Required Any Time Sooner.
  • Short Route.
  • Fewer Toll Gates.
  • Fewer Rest Breaks.
  • Remaining Working Hours of Driver.
  • Latest and Previous Loading Time and Date Collision.
  • Latest and Previous Unloading Time and Date Collision.
  • Substitute Driver Suggestion in case Primary Driver Won’t be Able to Complete a Trip.
  • Less Waiting Time While Loading and Unloading.
  • Covering Distance per Day.
  • Minimum and Maximum Trip Time.
  • Equipment Capacity to Carry Load on Long Distances.
  • Profit Margin.

Planning is the most important aspect of transportation where it bridges between Business generation and Job execution and makes sure the execution process keeps on going without keeping resources idle.

  • Schedule Planning.
  • Resource Planning.

Using business resources at the optimum level to help reduce cost and time and execute the tasks efficiently requires painstaking efforts to determine available, active and idle resources such as truck, trailer, driver or equipment. Zybo TMS’s recourse and fleet management tools optimise it all for you to make sure no resource stays idle.

Zybo TMS at a glance

Go beyond simple dots on the maps. Zybo TMS can not only see the location of mobile assets in real-time but can also monitor driver behaviour, streamline vehicle maintenance schedules, communicate with drivers and much more.

Zybo TMS is the perfect choice for all your transportation management needs.