• Set Customer Specific Receiving Template.
  • Manage Automated Receiving with or without Barcode Scanning.
  • Upload Received Items from a File or Use Automated Built-In Engine to Retrieve Information from Your Customer’s Server.
  • System’s Artificial Intelligent Prompts Suitable Location for an Item to be Stored While Receiving.
  • Automated Receiving Tickets Guides Easy Placement of Items to Designated Locations.
  • Generate Barcode Labels for Selected or Full Items as Received.

  • Set Customer Specific Order Template.
  • Manage Automated Delivery with or without Barcode Scanning.
  • Deliver Items Depending on Your Customer’s Requirements; Like Expiry Date, FIFI, LIFI, FEFO, Class, Pallet or Full Lot’s Delivery.
  • Automated Pick Tickets Making Huge Pick Process Easy and Fast for a Warehouse Staff.

  • Set Customised Billing Wizard for Auto Calculation of Storage, Handling and Other Related Charges.
  • Raise Customer‘s Billing with Just a Simple Click with Supporting Calculation Details.

Zybo WMS application comes with an onboard mobile app for barcode scanning and can also be integrated with following options.

  • RFID Integration.
  • Optical Glass Integration.
  • Electronic Rack Integration.
  • Pick by Voice Integration.
  • Pick by Light Integration.
  • Robotics Integration.

  • Manage Assembly of Items.
  • Manage Purchase Order Management Process for Procurement on Behalf of Customer.
  • Manage RMA / Return.
  • Manage Moveable Unit Inventory.
  • Manage Stock Transfers.
  • Manage Automated Stock Taking.
  • Centralised Data Management.

Zybo WMS at a glance

As very obvious to know, managing a 3PL / 4PL or Contract Logistics warehousing facility can be a nightmare without having an efficient software system. Zybo Warehouse management system brings you to the solution of that problem. Easy to use and trade-oriented functions make inbound and outbound warehouse traffic much faster to be managed without hiccups. Zybo Warehouse Management System address all complex and simple business scenarios of 3PL, 4PL or contract logistics with a great simplicity.

Zybo WMS technology and services are suitable for small to big size of warehouses, you may achieve full or half digitisation of your business process with help of PDA devices, own built mobile apps for easy barcode scanning, optical glass or pick by voice integration, smart storage electronic rack integration, RFID scanning, movable unit inventory management, value-added services and customer web portal. It comes up with a unique feature of auto billing with a just a simple click.