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    Zybo HRMS connects an employee and employer more closely while giving complete independence and transparency of critical information what an employee ideally desired to see. It not only makes employee job career journey easier with an organisation but also reduces the cost to the employer to manage employees critical data information during the course of his or her tenure.

    Today, the major challenge what each organisation falls into is a variety of information needed in order to calculate a Payroll. It comes with built-in attendance engine with the capability of connecting remote attendance devices installed on the doors of different locations for employees check-in and check-out at real-time data capturing.


    Zybo HRMS is the perfect answer to all such questions where you configure

    • Set Own Work Shift.
    • Set Leave Type and Policies.
    • Set Attendance Policy with Device Integration.
    • Set Over Time Calculator.
    • Setup Salary Structure.
    • Set Approval Work Flow.
    • Individual Employee’s Profile Maintenance.
    • Built-in Attendance Engine.

    Don’t get worried about customising software features to fit to your payroll calculation requirements, the only thing you need to do is to set a customised payroll template .

    ZYBO HRMS will calculate payroll for you with a single click every month. Automated process stages allow HR and finance department to reconcile figures and push them to destination bank for release of salary or wages.

    Are you an employee and fed-up chasing your HR for all important information you need? Zybo HRMS gets you rid of that pain, now manage all your personal information electronically, view or generate salary slips, view leave policies and balance, maintain and regularize your attendance.

    Are you an HR manager and fed-up less information about an employee, record keeping or reiterating follow-up reminders? Zybo HRMS gets you rid of that pain, employees take own responsibility for their information maintenance whereas they are exposed to critical information through process automation of Zybo HRMS what normally you have been chased for.

    Zybo HRMS At a Glance

    It’s not an easiest decision to choose a right HRMS system for an organisation especially when they operate from multiple locations as every location has own different policies. Zybo HRMS has specifically been designed keeping this idea behind. A diversified purpose-built structure of HRMS makes it a self-driven system suitable to any business environment irrespective of a country or location. Just configure your Leave, attendance and payroll calculations policies as needed and leave rest of your pain to system