Magnet Logistics Network is a professional freight networking services provider aiming into strengthening relations within our alliance by offering new models of partnerships and friendships among Magnet Family. One of our methods to achieve that is the implication of Zero Competition Policy depending on EXCLUSIVITY per country so each sole member is the only one who handles the cargo requests of other members per port type-based on the country. MLN guarantees the qualifications of each agent that we opt having restrictive requirements and 30-year experienced Selection Panel in logistics industry and the selection.

Since our key driver mission is to build multilateral trust among our group, we invite our Magnet Members and global forwarders to attend our next event in Dubai as a first step to build long lasting partnerships and friendships via meeting hundreds of forwarders from all over the world. Such meetings deepen relations between attendees on business level as well as personal level.

Being a Magnet Member means that you are in the heart of our logistics network. We do strive to have 100% satisfaction of our members via offering Exclusivity per country, being a decision maker, attending our annual event in competitive rates, payment protection up to 20.000.00 USD per member on annual basis, etc.

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